"Authentic" Iron Throne Sculpture

Given my usual tendency toward erudite nerdom, I'm generally pretty impressed by HBO's take on "Game of Thrones." One thing that I do have to raise some issue with, however, is their interpretation of the iconic "Iron Throne." Forget timid symmetry, any proper Song of Ice and Fire fan will know, George R.R. Martin's actual vision is a seat of absolute power and dominance, not for the feint of heart. I was thus inspired one ill advised day to set about capturing this perilously commanding supremacy in the only medium that can truly do it justice: actual knives!

Availing myself, then, of the benefits of an Architecture studio's essentially inexhaustible supply of discarded X-Acto and Olfa blades ripe for the upcycling and a decent pair of work gloves, I got cracking, and this frightening little number was the ultimate result...
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